XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

X-Men: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girl’s Relationship

Scott Summers and Jean Grey lead the X-Men as Cyclops and Jean Grey, lovers who have been through a lot over the years to enjoy a new era of romance.

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XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

The X-Men may seem like a well-trained team of mutants dedicated to Xavier’s dream of mutant and human co-existence, but they are really a family brought together in a fight for survival. This has led to a number of loving relationships that have formed among the members, though none have made as lasting of an impact on the team as Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

The romance that developed between Scott Summers and Jean Grey has survived through a number of hurdles and hardships over the years, leading to the couple becoming powerful leaders of the new society that formed on Krakoa. We’ll explore a few interesting facts and unforgettable moments in the relationship between Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

10 They Share A Telepathic Rapport That Keeps Them Connected At All Times And At Great Distances

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

The friendship that formed between Scott Summers and Jean Grey over the many years they spent together first as students at Xavier’s school and then as teammates on the X-Men has only strengthened thanks to Jean Grey’s telepathic abilities.

Cyclops’ mind was one of the first Marvel Girl ever connected with, and as their feelings grew she was able to create a strong telepathic bond that connected the two lovers. Their telepathic rapport has allowed them to stay bonded and communicate across great distances, or even send warnings that have helped save them on more than one occasion.

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9 Cyclops Mostly Dated Around But They Have Both Had Other Romantic Relationships Over The Years

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

While Scott Summers and Jean Grey were each others’ first loves, they spent some time away from each other over the years. Cyclops in particular spent some time dating around, and he managed to find love after Jean Grey’s apparent death on two different occasions. Scott dated women like Colleen Wing and Lee Forrester before later settling down with Emma Frost.

Jean Grey doesn’t have as much of a dating history as Cyclops, though she has had an ongoing connection to Wolverine that has resulted in a few intimate moments over the years. A time-displaced version of Jean also briefly dated her fellow time-displaced Hank McCoy/Beast, though it was a short-lived relationship.

8 Scott Summers Left His Wife And Child For Jean Grey When She Returned From The Dead

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

Their relationship was tragically cut short when Jean Grey was replaced and corrupted by the Phoenix Force, leading to her sacrifice on the moon in order to stop the threat of Dark Phoenix. Cyclops was heartbroken, which made him an easy target for Mister Sinister, who interjected a clone of Jean Grey named Madelyne Pryor into the life of the grieving Cyclops.

He quickly fell in love and they were married, which soon led to the birth of their son, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers. However, once Cyclops learned that Jean Grey had returned from the dead, he left his family to rejoin Jean and his original teammates as X-Factor. Pryor was manipulated into becoming the Goblin Queen, resulting in a fatal confrontation between her and Jean.

7 Cyclops And Jean Grey Nearly Broke Up Over His Lustful Thoughts Towards Psylocke

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

When Cyclops and Jean Grey left X-Factor and returned to the X-Men in the 90s, they joined separate squads as Cyclops was put in charge of the “Blue” team while Jean Grey assisted Storm on the “Gold’ team. Cyclops was largely leading members that he hadn’t worked with before like Rogue, Gambit, and Psylocke.

Betsy Braddock was still fresh in her new Asian ninja body, and she enjoyed a few moments of teasing and flirtation with Cyclops that caught him off-guard. The two even shared a brief kiss which drove Scott away from the X-Men as a rift formed between him and Jean. Psylocke and Jean were also brought into a confrontation, but everyone moved past it and Scott and Jean reconnected.

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6 They Were Married At Xavier’s School Shortly After The Fatal Attractions Event In The 90s

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

One of the biggest events for the X-Men in the 90s was the wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, which came after a few other milestones that inspired the long-time lovers to finally tie the knot. The death of Illyana Rasputin from the Legacy Virus and events like X-Cutioner’s Song and Fatal Attractions really tested the team and brought them closer together.

The constant near-death scenarios only served to reaffirm the love in Scott and Jean’s sometimes complicated relationship. They were married at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters surrounded by their friends, family, and teammates in the X-Men.

5 They Traveled To The Future As Slym And Redd To Raise Cable When He Was Just A Child

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

Scott and Jean left for a romantic honeymoon on the tropical beach of St. Barts, though it was cut short when their psychic consciousnesses were pulled forward through time to a dark future. They were placed in new cloned bodies and tasked with first saving and then raising young Nathan Summers, who they had been forced to send to the future to save his life.

They took on the identities of Slym and Redd and spent 12 years in the future training Nathan to use his telekinetic abilities to keep the techno-organic virus at bay. Scott and Jean were eventually pulled back to their present, though Slym and Redd were instrumental in the development of the son, who would become the mutant known as Cable.

4 Cyclops And Jean Grey Have More Than One Child From An Alternate Reality Or Timeline

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

Nathan Summers/Cable is technically Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor’s child, despite being mostly raised by Jean and Scott, though he isn’t the pair’s only child that fans have seen over the years. Rachel Summers/Prestige is Scott and Jean’s daughter from a possible dark timeline the X-Men first encountered in the “Days of Future Past” storyline.

She traveled back in time and bonded with the Phoenix, though she also traveled to the future and became the force that brought Scott and Jean to the future as Slym and Redd. Scott and Jean also met and bonded with Nate Grey, a powerful mutant from the Age of Apocalypse reality that was created by Mister Sinister using their alternate’s DNA before he was exiled to their reality.

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3 They Traveled To The Past To Help Stop Apocalypse, Which Led To The Creation Of Mister Sinister

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

Scott and Jean were once again sent through time by a powerful force from the future, though this time it was to the past at an important moment in mutantkind’s history. They arrived in Victorian London during one of the eternal mutant Apocalypse’s awakenings, where he attempted to launch a previously unknown plan to take control of the world.

They also met a geneticist named Nathaniel Essex, who they were forced to allow to be transformed into the future threat Mister Sinister in order to ultimately stop Apocalypse’s plans and fulfill their mission in the past before they were returned to the present.

2 Cyclops Cheated On Jean Grey With Emma Frost In A Telepathic Affair Before Her Death

XMen 10 Things Fans Should Know About Cyclops And Marvel Girls Relationship

Cyclops suffered through a traumatic forced bonding with Apocalypse during The Twelve event, which he was still suffering from when he finally returned to the X-Men. Jean Grey was being pulled in different directions running the school and leading the X-Men, so Emma Frost was asked to help Scott Summers with psychic therapy.

Unfortunately, the therapy sessions turned into a telepathic affair that was soon discovered by Jean Grey. She died shortly after, leaving some things unsettled between the two, but her spirit pushed Cyclops into moving past her death and finding happiness with Emma Frost.

1 They Are Both In A Polyamorous Relationship With Wolverine That First Began On Krakoa

One of the biggest developments in the relationship between Scott and Jean came more recently in the Krakoan era that followed the House of X/Powers of X rebranding. It was slowly revealed that major change had occurred in the long-standing love triangle between Scott, Jean, and Logan as they had entered into a polyamorous relationship with each other.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl were once again together as the leaders of both the X-Men and the Summers family, though Jean Grey and Wolverine also had their intimate moments together. Conversations between Scott and Logan have also teased a relationship between the former rivals that shows an evolution of their romance that seems to make everyone involved happy.

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