Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters, Ranked

Futurama is known for is colorful characters, but these are the very best (aside from the main cast, of course).

You Are Reading :Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Matt Groening’s Futurama followed 20th-century civilian Phillip Fry who woke up in the 29th century after falling into a cryogenic tube. The show focused on him adjusting to his new surroundings and working for the delivery service “Planet Express.” During its seven-season run, the cartoon featured an impressive cast of characters.

Main protagonists like Fry, Leela, and Bender were praised by fans for their voices, humor, and three-dimensional personalities. The show also achieved the same success with its recurring characters. Some of them even proved to be just as popular as the main characters.

10 Robot Devil

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

True to his name, he was s a mischievous character who held robots’ morality to high-standards. Contrary to what some may have thought, he wasn’t the most sinister robot in existence (as proven when Bender mortified the Robot Devil by nonchalantly throwing his first-born son into a pit of fire). He received the tenth spot for his cynicism and virtuoso skills but didn’t score higher due to limited appearances. He was voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

9 Kif Kroker

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Lieutenant Kroker was Captain Brannigan’s, subservient second-hand man. He was kind and well-intentioned but was frequently taken advantage of. He was also ordered copiously to perform humiliating tasks and was viewed with little respect. Despite his spineless nature (& body structure), Kroker had stood up for himself and his Fonfon Fru Amy.

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Kroker got the ninth spot for his nobility and humor but ranked lower because his patheticness could be overbearing. He’s portrayed by Maurice LaMarche.

8 Nibbler

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Nibbler’s initial impression was that of a dumb animal. He was adopted by Leela when his planet was about to implode. It was eventually revealed Nibbler’s an intelligent Lord who had protected Earth for thousands of years. Nibbler received the number eight spot for his impressive backstory and deceivingly adorable appearance. However, he ranked lower due to not being as memorable. He was voiced by Frank Welker.

7 Mom

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

The proprietor and face of Momcorp (the leading distributor of robots). Mom’s commercial facade was that of a rosy-cheeked, warm, maternal figure. However, her true personality couldn’t be further from the truth. Mom didn’t see robots as more than expendable and held little regard for anyone besides herself. Fans enjoyed Mom for her off-color remarks and repeated, synchronized smacking of her three adult sons.

Thus secured her the seventh spot. However, some found her to be too abrasive and had gotten away with too much with little retribution. She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

6 Morbo

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Morbo was the disgruntled, alien co-anchor of “Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonite.” During broadcasts, he advocated for the destruction/conquering of humanity. Only to humor by ignorant, human co-anchor Linda Van Schoonhoven. Viewers enjoyed Morbo echoing his desire for human annihilation and expressed disdain for a variety of subjects; his wife, his children, humans, etc. Despite Morbo’s hilarity, he didn’t rank higher due to being one-note. Maurice LaMarche provided Morbo’s voice.

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5 Zapp Brannigan

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Captain Zapp Brannigan revered across the galaxy for his”deeds” but in actuality, he was an incompetent, vapid, womanizer. He’s based on Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek. Viewers were amused by Brannigan’s lack of decorum and spouting ignorant remarks that’d be trivial for a regular civilian to say let alone a space ship captain.

This earned him the number fifth spot. He was ranked lower due to being occasionally annoying. Billy West based Brannigan’s voice on Phil Hartman (Brannigan’s original voice actor who passed away before production began).

4 Calculon

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

If Brannigan was a spoof on Captain Kirk then Calculon was inspired by Kirk’s actor William Shatner. As both tended to overact and didn’t do filming retakes. Calculon was the lead actor on the soap opera All My Circuits. He languished over his mocked acting abilities but was too preoccupied with his arrogance and fame. Calculon earned fourth place for his theatrical flair and quotes. He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche who received a 2012 Primetime Emmy Award for his performance as Calculon and others in “The Silence of the Clamps.”

3 Lrr

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

The ruler of Omicron Persie 8. Lrr was a ruthless tyrant who equally relished conquering worlds and binge-watching Earth TV. He constantly accosted his subjects, enemies, and anyone within hearing distance. Despite his gruff exterior, he had a soft spot for his wife, TV, and wildlife. Lrr garnered the third spot for his comedic aggressiveness and hidden sensitivity.

Lrr was voiced by Maurice LaMarche who garnered his first Primetime Emmy Award in 2011 for voicing Lrr and Orson Welles’ head in “Lrreconcible Differences.”

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2 Scruffy

Top 10 Recurring Futurama Characters Ranked

Scruffy was the janitor at Planet Express. He was a man of few but potent words. Scruffy was a hard-worker who was dedicated to the job. He’s the eyes and ears of Planet Express who occasionally graced the audience with his stoic, profound presence. For this, Scruffy ranked number two but didn’t make number one for apparent reasons. He was voiced by David Herman.

1 Hypno-Toad

There was an indistinguishable appeal about Hypno-Toad. Upon glancing he only appeared as a mere toad. Yet, when you gazed into his warped eyes Hypno-Toad was everything you could desire and hope for in a character. Viewers were similarly swayed by his entrancing qualities. He was also one of show creator Matt Groening’s favorite characters. This was why he nabbed the number one spot. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO-TOAD!

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