The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of DC’s Green Lanterns

Are you an ESFP like Guy Garnder or an ENTP like Jessica Cruz? Find out with the Myers Briggs personality types of all the Green Lanterns!

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The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

The Green Lantern Corps is one of the best teams in comics. Not only are they gifted with super cool powers and a great cause, they also feature a team dynamic unlike any other in the industry right now. That’s because of the diverse, fascinating characters that wear the Green Lantern symbol.

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We at CBR decided to dig a little deeper into those characters, by using the Myers-Briggs® Personality Test to check out more about them. See which characters share your type and learn more about the team in general with The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of DC’s Green Lanterns.

10 Alan Scott – INFJ

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

Alan Scott is kind of the Obi-Wan Kenobi of Green Lantern mythos. Perhaps it’s the fact that Alan was the first Green Lantern in DC Comics, so he’s had a lot more time to gain experience. Whatever the reason, Alan is both wise and idealistic, just like other INFJs. He’s encouraging to his teammates and open-minded to his rivals and even his enemies.

Alan is a paragon of classic heroism. He is humble but self-assured, brave but not brash. He’s a credit not just to the Green Lantern name, but to INFJs as well.

9 Kilowog – ENTJ

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

Kilowog is decisive and logical. However, he’s not as reserved as other Lanterns that share those traits. Kilowog is happy to be in a position of leadership, but he’s always loyal and empathetic toward the soldiers under his command. Kilowog is kind of like a football coach in one of those “unlikely champions” sports movies from the 80s.

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He may be hard on his cadets and not exactly mesh with their personalities. But at the end of the day, he’s a big old softy, emotionally committed to his battlefield brothers as he would be to a real family. You might even see him shed a manly tear after a particularly hard-won battle. If his species sheds manly tears. If his species even has men?

8 Soranik Natu – ISFJ

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

You might not be familiar with Soranik, but she’s an important member of the Green Lantern Corps. That’s because of her homeworld, Korugar, and its difficult relationship with the GL’s. On Korugar, homeworld of other GL Thaal Sinestro (who we’ll get to in a moment), Sornik was a gifted doctor. She was actually very wary of the Green Lantern ring when it came to her, because of the destructive possibilities she’d seen it possess.

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But Soranik took on the ring anyway, like the ISFJ she is. Because ISFJs, after all, are helpers by nature. They’re committed to ideals which, in Soranik’s case, are the lives of her fellow Korugarians. And once they find a practical way to adhere to those ideals, they go with it. Even if it’s a powerful green ring they’ve seen hurt people in the past.

7 Guy Gardner – ESFP

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

No offense, ESFPs, but you folks tend to be a little over-confident. At least, you rush into situations without a ton of forethought. That’s not your fault though, you’re born improvisers, just like Guy Gardner. Guy Gardner is self-confident to the point of being cocky, and tends to do a lot of his thinking on the fly. That is, when he does any thinking at all.

At the same time, Guy is always ready to do what is right at the drop of a hat. He is loyal to his responsibilities and a fierce enemy to evildoers. We just wish he’d tone down the masculinity a little bit.

6 John Stewart – ISTJ

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

For a cosmic cop wielding a weapon that runs on space magic, John Stewart is actually a very practical person. Like his fellow ISTJs, that’s because John values structure in dealing with problems. After all, he is a soldier, so his tendency toward order and doing things by the book was developed even before he was a GL.

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John is also a lot more reserved than other Lanterns. He’s not as showy or as outwardly passionate. Instead, he chooses to act in quiet, direct ways, more focused on getting the job done than how he looks doing it. For that, he’s not only a clear ISTJ, but also one of the most dependable people in DC Comics.

5 Kyle Rayner – ENFP

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

ENFPs are typically artists at their core. So, it would only make sense that comic book artist Kyle Rayner should get this spot on our list. Kyle is a free-spirited person. His individuality is tantamount to him, as is the creative pursuits in which he finds worth. Kyle, like many Green Lanterns, has a special appreciation for life.

He loves the role that destiny has given him and the relationships with people that surround him. All of these are clear signs of an ENFP, who usually make great artists and even better friends. As most Green Lanterns will attest to, Kyle is both.

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4 Simon Baz – INFP

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

Simon Baz does something with a Green Lantern ring that no other Lantern has ever accomplished. That is, he brought back a loved one from a coma. We think that level of belief makes Simon an INFP, which the official Myers-Briggs® page labels a thoughtful idealist.

INFPs are also very creative in their approach to problems. We think this story alone proves Simon’s ability to think outside the box, but there are plenty of other examples of that trait in the comics. If you’re not reading the current Simon Baz comic, by the way, you really should be.

3 Sinestro – ISTP

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

ISTPs aren’t always bad guys, but bad guys, especially comic book supervillains, can often turn out to be ISTPs. That’s because ISTPs have an objective way of looking at the world, which can sometimes remove their sense of empathy. ISTPs especially make for sympathetic villains like Thaal Sinestro.

Sinestro ultimately wanted to protect his home planet, but in doing so, abused his power as a Green Lantern. It’s what eventually got him kicked out of the corps. But in or out of the corps, Sinestro’s ISTP-ness makes him a powerful ring-wielder. He is capable of long-term visions and complex plans, and is self-confident in his ideals. Like his fellow ISTPs, Sinestro might not always be the best leader, but as puppet-master, he’s hard to beat.

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2 Jessica Cruz – ENTP

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

Jessica Cruz overcame fear like no one else in the Green Lantern canon. She actually broke free from an anti-power ring, one that greatly increases fear in the wearer. Not only does this make her one of the coolest additions to the GL corps in recent memory, but it also makes her an ENTP.

ENTPs are constantly proving their courage in approaching problems. They use that courage to protect and serve their loved ones. They frequently put others before themselves. At the same time, they are fiercely individual, not letting others decide what they should do or be. Jessica adds new dimension to the Lantern Corps, and it’s her ENTP qualities that help with that.

1 Hal Jordan – ENFJ

The MyersBriggs® Personality Types of DCs Green Lanterns

The last and most famous Green Lantern is pretty much the epitome of a likable protagonist. Not only does he possess charm and a sense of humor, Hal also has a gift for inspiration. You can see that in his fictional peers or real-life fans. Because of these qualities, we gave Hal the ENFJ spot.

ENFJs like Hal have all those attractive, leader-like qualities. Plus, they’re usually people with a positive outlook on life. They find positivity in every situation, approaching even the most dangerous or difficult tasks with a carefree grin. Whether they’re an actual leader or just a friend, it’s easy to look up to an ENFJ. So, it only fits that the Green Lantern’s Green Lantern should get this spot on our Myers-Briggs® list.

Who’s your favorite Green Lantern Corps member? Which Myers-Briggs® Personality Type would you give them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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