The Happytime Murders Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

The Happytime Murders’ Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

The Happytime Murders is filled with laugh-out-loud, yet entirely inappropriate. We look at the best — or worst, depending how you look at them.

You Are Reading :The Happytime Murders Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

The Happytime Murders Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Brian Henson’s The Happytime Murders, in theaters now.

Audiences really only needed to see one trailer for The Happytime Murders to know how raunchy the R-rated crime comedy gets. Director Brian Henson pulls no punches in his depiction of puppets grinding out lives in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles amid an entertainment industry engulfed by sex, drugs and murder.

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However, film certainly never takes itself seriously as it pokes fun at Hollywood with gag after gag that leaves you wondering whether there’s a line The Happytime Murders won’t cross. The answer is no, as these moments demonstrate.

5. That Happy Ending

The Happytime Murders Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

Early in the film, puppet ex-cop turned private detective Phil Phillips (Bill Barretta) investigates threats against a client he’s attracted to, Sandra (Dorien Davies), which takes him to an adult-themed store. He rummages through pornographic books and sex toys, but as he chats with the manager, he gets a literal peek behind a curtain that he immediately regrets: In the back of the store is a massage parlor, where a squid is milking a cow in a clearly sexual act that climaxes with milk spurting all over the place.

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4. The Kissing Cousins

The Happytime Murders Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

The Happytime Murders takes familial relationships to a Game of Thrones level with cousins Ezra and Cara, former cast members of Happytime Gang, the beloved 1980s children’s show. When Phil and his former partner Connie (Melissa McCarthy) find them, in hopes of preventing their deaths at the hand of a mysterious killer, they discover more than they had hoped.

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Breaking into their house, Connie and Phil find two deformed children, one with three eyes and the other a cyclops, making strange noises; they’re the products of inbreeding. Connie’s screams cause the children louder, resulting in a scene reminiscent of Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers. It’s so hilarious, viewers are still laughing moments later, when Phil discovers the children’s parents, decapitated in another bedroom.

3. The Feminist Beatdown

The Happytime Murders Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

As Phil chats with drug-dealing Happytime Gang alum Lyle in an alley, Connie plays poker with his criminal cohorts, and goes so far as to snort sugar, which is like heroin to puppets.

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The fun and games get out of hand, however, when Connie doesn’t take kindly to one of the players referring to some puppet prostitutes as “bitches.” She breaks bottles, stomps crotches and bites, well … let’s just say sensitive areas as she delivers a sermon about treating others with respect. The message is received, and Connie snorts more sugar as part of her victory celebration.

2. Sandra’s Basic Instinct

The Happytime Murders Most Hilariously Inappropriate Moments

Things go from bad to worse when Phil’s client/love interest Sandra is interrogated by the FBI, and fingers him as the killer. She’s playing a game of revenge similar to that of the 1992 thriller Basic Instinct, which comes full circle in homage to Sharon Stone’s famous leg-crossing scene.

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As Agent Campbell (Joel McHale) presses her, Sandra crosses her legs and exposes herself. “Now I know the purple carpet doesn’t match the drapes,” quips Connie from behind a one-way mirror, not realizing it’s a clue to the larger mystery.

1. A Sex-Crazed Client

When Phil first meets Sandra, she indicates she’s a nymphomaniac. She eventually seduces him, which culminates in a rowdy sex scene referenced in the unsuccessful lawsuit filed by the producers of Sesame Street. The couple have sex on Phil’s desk, while his secretary Bubbles (Maya Rudolph) and the FBI wait outside the office.

It’s raucous, ending with Phil ejaculating Silly String all over the room — for more than three minutes. It’s overkill but nevertheless funny, especially as he becomes lightheaded. When Sandra leaves and the FBI enters the room, the mess begins to fall from the ceiling onto the agents’ suits.

In theaters now, director Brian Henson’s The Happytime Murders stars Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale and Elizabeth Banks.

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