Supermans 10 Closest Allies

Superman’s 10 Closest Allies

In most cases, people would think that Superman wouldn’t need any help. But this DC hero has a lot of great allies to depend on in times of trouble.

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Supermans 10 Closest Allies

In most cases, people would think that Superman wouldn’t need any help. Considering all he’s capable of, it feels like he can just overpower any situation and win no matter what. But the people on this list not only know that’s not true, but Superman trusts them enough to turn to them when he needs help.

They understand that no matter how good someone is, they occasionally need someone—whether it be on the battlefield, or in the Daily Planet. So this list looks at all of the people Superman is closest to, and what they mean to him—whether they’re apart of the superhero community or not.

10 Martian Manhunter

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

These two share a rather close tie in that they’re both aliens, visitors from another planet. While Superman comes from outside the solar system, J’onn J’onzz is from Mars.

The only difference between them is that J’onn has an intimate knowledge of his old culture. Supposedly J’onn isn’t able to blend in as well as Clark, but that comes largely from his memory of being apart of Martian society rather than not using his shape-shifting power. Two impressive titans who’ve chosen to use their power for good, it’s no wonder they get along so well.

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9 The Flash

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

These two have always been close because of their optimistic, upbeat nature. There’s a rivalry between the two of them in terms of which character is faster.

It would make sense that Barry would be the fastest because of his connection to the Speed Force, and the fact that he only has that one thing over Superman, but some writers just can’t help making Superman the best at everything. Still, their family-oriented nature and their ability to fix any problem quicker than most people can blink gives them plenty in common.

8 Krypto

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

Not many people can say one of their best allies in fighting crime is a literal super-dog. In the New 52 era, Krypto was a dog that got sucked into the Phantom Zone. Superman discovered him later and pulled him out of the Phantom Zone, helping him recover by exposing him to massive amounts of solar energy.

Since then, he’s proven an ally to every member of the House of El, serving as a loyal friend to Kal-El’s son as well as a helper to Kara Zor-El as well.

7 Supergirl

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

Originally meant to go to Earth to look after Clark, it’s wound up becoming the complete opposite thanks to Supergirl taking so long to get to Earth.

Unlike Clark, she remembers the culture of Krypton, which makes it difficult for her to adapt to the world of Earth and it’s weird rules and customs. Clark frequently does his best to look after her, introducing her to his family and helping her find places to stay both in Smallville and Metropolis.

6 Steel

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

Inspired to become a hero after Superman fell in his battle against Doomsday, John Henry Irons used his intelligence and resources to create an armor that would give him super-strength and flight, allowing him to protect Metropolis and fix a problem he’d caused in his younger years.

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Since then though, he’s become so close to Superman that Clark trusted him to help him create his second Fortress of Solitude in the 2000s, granting Irons access to all manner of alien technology Superman would only trust with a true friend.

5 Lana Lang

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

Lana Lang is Clark Kent’s childhood girlfriend, who grew up and became an incredibly successful woman even away from her best friend. In the post-Crisis timeline, she became the CEO of LexCorp, wielding this considerable power to help the people of Earth.

In the current timeline, she’s an electrical engineer and a genius working with John Henry Irons to better the city of Metropolis. But no matter the timeline, she’s always been one Clark’s closest friends, even helping to protect the city after absorbing some of his energy and becoming Superwoman.

4 Jimmy Olsen

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

Jimmy Olsen has a unique connection to Clark as being the first person Clark made friends with when he came to Metropolis. A young man from the country with no idea how fast people in the city moved, he formed a fast bond with Jimmy, someone even lower on the totem pole and struggling to get noticed.

The two have become so close that Jimmy owns a signal watch which is capable of reaching Superman with super-sonic frequencies only he can hear.

3 Wonder Woman

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

A ton of people have the belief that these two belong together because of the sheer power they both wield. And while they’ve dated multiple times both Pre-Flashpoint and during the New 52, they always decide it doesn’t work.

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What does work for them though is the mutual respect they have for one another? Typically they work together on the Justice League, but neither of them ever hesitates in calling the other for aid in a mission.

2 Batman

Supermans 10 Closest Allies

Though it isn’t true, it can be argued that Superman respects Batman more than vice-versa. After all, Superman was the one who gave Clark Kent the Kryptonite ring in the first place, giving Batman a chance in case Superman ever lost control or turned against the Earth.

The both of them have been featured in multiple comics together dating back decades, with them dealing with threats they could only defeat together. Batman’s intellect and Superman’s power make them one of the greatest pairings out of all of the superheroes.

1 Lois Lane

The love of his life, Lois and Superman have been meant to be since the moment he landed in Metropolis. She was the first person who interviewed the Man of Steel, giving him his name and making him known worldwide.

Though at first, she was more into Superman over Clark, eventually she got to know the man behind the glasses and fell in love with both sides of him. The two have a high level of respect for one another, with Clark respecting her enough to go off on her own and do stories without him, even if the mission itself is incredibly dangerous.

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