No Surrender The Avengers Learn The Truth About Voyager

No Surrender: The Avengers Learn The Truth About Voyager

There’s a lot more to the Avengers’ long-lost member than it seems, but what does the truth about Voyager have to do with No Surrender’s big mystery?

You Are Reading :No Surrender The Avengers Learn The Truth About Voyager

No Surrender The Avengers Learn The Truth About Voyager

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Avengers #683 by Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Jesus Arbutov and Cory Petit, on sale now.

The stakes of Avengers: No Surrender continue to ramp up week-after-week, and with only one Pyramoid left in play, it’s anyone’s game. While the players don’t even know that those who claim the MacGuffins survive and are transported to the game room of The Grandmaster and The Challenger, the objects are still prized among the contestants, and whoever claims the fifth one could alter the course of the game.

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While all that’s going on, Beast and The Wasp prepare to journey to the center of Edwin Jarvis, but what they find in his memories changes everything The Avengers “know” about their long-lost founding member Voyager — and changes the game drastically, both metaphorically and literally.


Edwin Jarvis was knocked out during the initial chaos that led to Earth being displaced and people around the world frozen in stasis. And while most of the team has been out trying to do their best to keep the forces of The Black Order and Lethal Legion at bay, Beast and Wasp have remained at Jarvis’ side, looking for a cure for the Avengers’ longtime butler. Having finally snythesized something to save Jarvis and bring him out of his coma, Wasp prepares to shrink down and deliver it straight to his brain, but the arrival of the final Pyramoid in the very same hospital causes rogue wraiths and spirits to emerge and attack the patients, staff and visitors.

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No Surrender The Avengers Learn The Truth About Voyager

Knowing that grabbing the Pyramoid causes the person’s death (it really doesn’t, but they haven’t discovered this, yet) but also removes it from play, Beast rushes in to stop the madness. However, he’s instead shrunken down by Nadia, who claims he’s too important to the team to lose. Beast journeys towards Jarvis’ brain while Nadia discovers something is blocking her from grabbing the Pyramoid; something that hasn’t happened to anyone else so far. Since she’s unable to sacrifice herself, sshe focuses on saving everything in the hospital before rescuing Beast and curing Jarvis.

“It’s All Lies”

As the Avengers’ faithful butler comes to, Voyager appears in the hospital to claim the Pyramoid, but Jarvis declares that the team’s memories have been altered. Valerie Vector doesn’t exist and there never was a founding Avenger named Voyager. As soon as he says this, it becomes apparent to both Beast and Nadia that their memories aren’t truly real and before they can stop her, she claims the final Pyramoid and teleports away.

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It’s likely that Jarvis’ condition led to him not being affected by whatever caused the rest of the team to believe Voyager’s lie, and as Beast saw while in his brain, the man is a living history of the team.

Jarvis’ revelation leaves many pressing questions for the team as Avengers: No Surrender careens towards its final act. Who is Voyager, really? Why did she pretend to be an Avenger? What does she know about the Pyramoids that they don’t? And perhaps most importantly, where is she taking the final one?

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She doesn’t touch it, and thus isn’t “killed” like Red Wolf and Johnny Storm were, so she obviously has plans for it and it’s possible those plans have something to do with someone big, green and angry who returns next week. The mysteries of Avengers: No Surrender continue to deepen and next week things are going to get really shaken up when The Hulk returns.

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