My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

My Hero Academia: 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

In My Hero Academia, the strongest or smartest characters don’t always win due to luck or weird circumstances.

You Are Reading :My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Given that so many battles have occurred in My Hero Academia, it only makes sense that characters don’t always rightfully win their battles. Some characters managed to lose despite having far more experience than their opponents, such as when heroes or villains with years of training under their belts lost to first-year students.

Others lost because of very specific circumstances, such as fighting multiple battles in a row or simply forgetting a crucial detail. There were also battles in which the loss was completely underwhelming, such as when someone underestimated or even encouraged their opponents. These undeserved victories and losses make battles less satisfying and less memorable.

10 Stain Was Defeated By Deku, Tenya, & Shoto After Failing To Consider His Quirk’s Shortcomings

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Stain was an intimidating villain with the extremist belief that all heroes who took on the job for selfish gains should be purged from society. He took down a large number of professional heroes on his own, and his presence was so intimidating that most people were fearfully paralyzed in his presence. Despite his experience, he lost to three students. Everyone who discovered this was shocked, but Stain was defeated because he forgot to consider that someone could have Type O blood, who would suffer from his paralysis quirk for the shortest amount of time.

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9 Deku Lost To Shoto After Motivating His Opponent

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Deku would have stood a better chance against Shoto in the Sports Festival if he wasn’t so focused on saving him. He continuously demanded that Shoto go all out and use both sides of his quirk since everyone else was trying their best to win.

Deku’s words made Shoto remember his past, and after telling him that his quirk was his own, Shoto was even more motivated than before. Ultimately, Shoto’s fire led to Deku’s defeat.

8 Shoto Was In No Condition To Fight Katsuki After Fighting Deku

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

If Shoto hadn’t fought Deku, his battle against Katsuki Bakugo would have been much more even. Katsuki went out of his way to tell Shoto to use his fire quirk, but Shoto was trapped in his past for most of the battle. Although Deku’s encouragement made him briefly ignite his flames, they went out right before Katsuki’s final attack, and he was knocked out of the ring. Katsuki himself did not consider this to be a victory he deserved.

7 Ochaco & Yuga Won Against Thirteen Because Ochaco Was Flustered

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

For their final exams, the students in Class 1-A were paired up. Each team had to fight a teacher, and would only pass if they handcuffed the teacher or escaped the battlefield. Ochaco Uraraka and Yuga Aoyama faced Thirteen, and found themselves at a disadvantage when Thirteen used her quirk, Black Hole. As they desperately clung to a guardrail to avoid being sucked in, Yuga blatantly asked Ochaco if she had a crush on Deku, leading to her getting so embarrassed that she let go.

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Thirteen had to stop using her quirk to avoid hurting Ochaco, who proceeded to use martial arts to incapacitate her. It was strange that Thirteen never considered that one of the students would lose their grip or let go.

6 Shoto’s Team Lost To Class 1-B Because He Forgot About His Fire

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

In the Joint Training arc, Shoto, Tenya Iida, Mezo Shoji, and Mashirao Ojiro had to battle Class 1-B’s Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Pony Tsunotori, Juzo Honenuki, and Sen Kaibara. The anime explicitly stated that the main reason why Class 1-A lost was that Shoto relied too heavily on the ice side of his quirk. If he had immediately attacked with flames, no one on the Class 1-B team would have been able to do anything about it. Since he used ice, Juzo was able to soften it and render the attack useless.

5 Neito Is The Only One Who Takes Advantage Of Deku’s Opening

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

The fifth round of the Joint Training battle pitted Deku, Ochaco, Mina Ashido, and Minoru Mineta against Hitoshi Shinso, Neito Monoma, Yui Kodai, Nirengeki Shoda, and Reiko Yanagi. For a short time, Deku’s quirk went out of control, forcing Hitoshi to brainwash him. Once his quirk was reigned in, Neito was the only one to immediately attack him.

4 Midnight Was Defeated After Being Attacked From Behind

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Midnight spent her final moments in the Paranormal Liberation War arc trying to put Gigantomachia to sleep to keep him from causing too much destruction. She was close to doing so but was injured by debris that Mr. Compress threw at her. Rather than being defeated by him or the other major characters in the League of Villains, she was attacked from behind by an unnamed villain, which was an unsatisfying way for her to fall.

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3 Curious Didn’t Take Himiko Toga Seriously & Lost

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Curious was a villain with a passion for journalism. Her first priority was to get an interesting story out of Himiko, interviewing her as they battled. She had soldiers with her, and they all had Himiko at a huge disadvantage. She was never serious about restraining her, and even lowered her guard when Himiko transformed into Ochaco. Himiko took Curious by surprise by using Ochaco’s quirk, and despite having a quirk that makes anything she touches become a small explosive, she couldn’t figure out a way to soften her fall.

2 Hawks Defeated Twice Despite Dabi Also Being There

My Hero Academia 10 Fights Where The Wrong Character Won

Deeming Twice’s quirk to be too much of a threat, Hawks took Twice by surprise, surrounding him with feathers. Hawks made the mistake of revealing that he was an undercover agent instead of immediately incapacitating him, giving Twice a chance to retaliate. Dabi appeared, which was a bad sign for Hawks since fire was his main weakness. Despite this, Hawks was able to finish Twice off.

1 Minoru Mineta & Hanta Seto Defeated Midnight Since Minoru Held His Breath With Tape

During their battle against Midnight, Hanta quickly fell asleep due to Midnight’s quirk. Minoru was forced to run away, leading Midnight away from the escape gate. Despite running at full speed and even yelling at her, Minoru somehow managed to hold his breath the entire time. People can only safely hold their breath for one or two minutes, so this battle required a little suspension of disbelief.

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