Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Marvel & Disney+: 3 Confirmed, 3 Rumored, And 4 Shows We Need

Coming to a screen near you in 2020 is Disney+ and all their rich Marvel content. Here’s all the rumors, confirmations, and desires of this union!

You Are Reading :Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

There are a lot of MCU stories to tell that can’t fit into MCU movies. That’s why we were so excited to hear of the Marvel shows that are coming to Disney+.

The original streaming platform, set for release sometime in 2020, will feature three exciting Marvel series that we as fans couldn’t be more excited about. Beyond that, there have also been some enticing rumors about shows that might be headed to Disney+. And even past that, we as fans can’t help but wildly speculate about what we’d like to see come to the original streaming platform. We came up with the list of what has us most excited/interested, and the result was three Marvel shows that wee confirmed for Disney+, three that are rumored, and four that we just really want. Check it out now!

10 Confirmed: Scarlet Witch

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Since we first met in her Age of Ultron, fans have been clamoring for more screen time devoted to Wanda Maximoff. And luckily for us, the Disney gods have heard our pleas. The actual most powerful Avenger is heading to the streaming service sometime in the near future, though no details of her series have been released.

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Rumors state that it’ll focus on her and Vision, which is interesting considering his status after Infinity War. That is, his lack of status. He’s dead. Whatever story the series follows, we’re just happy that Wanda is finally getting her time to shine.

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You know, without having to make a horrible, morally impossible decision.

9 Rumored: Lady Sif

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Where was Sif in Infinity War? And while we’re asking, where the heck was she in Thor: Ragnarok? Though it is nice that she didn’t meet the abrupt end of the Warriors Three, it would’ve been cool to know exactly what was going on with her character. That’s why the rumors of a Sif spinoff series are so intriguing. The series, rumored to be starring Jamie Alexander herself, would answer these questions and provide more story for an underused character. Plus, there’s a great comic that Disney+ could use as inspiration for this series; Journey into Mystery is its name. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

8 Want: Young Avengers

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Kevin Feige recently commented that a Young Avengers movie could be a possibility in the near future. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to see that, but the Young Avengers characters deserve more time than a movie can give them. Especially if the inspiration for the MCU Young Avengers is the Kieron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie series from a few years ago.

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We want a series devoted to telling a long story of the Young Avengers, with plenty of time for their awesome characters to develop. And hey, if we can’t get that, we’d settle on a Kate Bishop Hawkeye series too. Which, yes, is another rumored Disney+ show.

7 Confirmed: Loki

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Most people will tell you that they knew Loki wasn’t dead after Infinity War. He’s just too lovable of a character, as you can probably tell by the fact that the most evil things he ever did were recently retconned. So it’s no surprise that Loki is getting his own Disney+ series; the only question now is exactly what it will be about. We recently learned how Loki comes back from the grave, but what else will we see him do? And just how evil is this version of the character? We’ll just have to wait and see.

6 Rumored: Nick Fury

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

A young Nick Fury will be one of the central characters in the Captain Marvel movie coming out next month. And once he appears on screen, we doubt fans will be happy with only seeing him once. So, it shouldn’t shock you that Marvel is rumored to be planning a series about the young agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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And if Marvel ever did release the series, you also shouldn’t be shocked by how many viewers it’s bound to pull in. We just hope that we’ll get to see Fury in some capacity in Marvel TV, and we definitely wouldn’t say no to a Marvel series set in the ’80s.

5 Want: She-Hulk

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Jennifer Walters has yet to even have her name mentioned in the MCU. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we want her to have her own series so badly. Jennifer is one of the most interesting characters in Marvel comics, from her distinct appearance to her career as a lawyer to her tendency to break the fourth wall.

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A series focused on her could feature everything that’s right about comic book media. It would both take itself seriously and not, giving us genuine courtroom drama while also putting a giant green person in the defense chair. If Jennifer doesn’t get her own series soon, we at least hope she’ll show up somewhere in the MCU films.

4 Confirmed: Falcon & Winter Soldier

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Finding out about the Falcon & Winter Soldier series was kind of a bittersweet moment for fans. Of course, both characters deserve more time to explore their stories. However, if those two are getting a spin-off, we can almost guarantee that their series will deal with continuing Captain America’s legacy. You know… because he doesn’t make it out of Endgame. Obviously, we could be wrong, Marvel’s surprised us before. But it feels like Bucky and Sam will be putting on red, white, & blue in this series… after wearing black for a while.

3 Rumored: Nebula

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

Nebula became kind of a breakout character in the MCU. From her first appearance as an antagonist in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume One to her willingness to join the team in GotG Vol. 2, Nebula has had some Loki-like character development alongside her former adversaries. So, we think the rumors that she’s getting a Disney+ series just like Loki make a lot of sense. But just like Scarlet Witch, the rumors of her series also contain rumors of a team-up with a deceased MCU hero. In this case, it’s Gamora. So we’re taking this rumor with the hope that we’ll see Karen Gillan as the blue cyborg in her own series, but we’re also taking it with a grain of salt.

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2 Want: Superior Foes Of Spider-Man

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

The Spider-Man that the MCU is purring in-screen already has a fun, comical tone. Also, it features some really empathetic villains. Put those two things together and what do you get? That’s right, the best comedy Marvel has ever done.

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Superior Foes of Spider-Man could give us an all a new perspective on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from the viewpoint of low-level criminals. It could introduce us to great characters like Beetle and Boomerang, and could really set itself apart from everything we’ve seen Marvel do so far. Too bad we definitely wouldn’t get to see Wizzer in it, though.

1 Want: Daredevil

Marvel & Disney 3 Confirmed 3 Rumored And 4 Shows We Need

We want Daredevil back. Full stop. Don’t recast anyone, don’t change the storyline. Pick up exactly where you left off with Fisk a broken man and Dex fully becoming Bullseye. And after that, keep going. Daredevil set itself apart as one of the smartest, most challenging superhero shows in TV history. It deserves to return to our computer screens, even if it’s not on Netflix. And that’s why we saved it for last on this list.

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What Marvel shows do you want to see on Disney+? Which is your favorite of the ones we know we’re getting? Let us know in the comments section below!

Grant DeArmitt is an entertainment writer based in NYC. He is an editor and writer at Nightmare on Film Street, where he covers horror, and a contributor at Newsarama, where he covers comic books. Grant loves black and white horror comics and his corgi, Legs. You can follow him on Twitter @GrantDeArmitt.

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