Ive Been Killing Slimes Introduces a New Witch with Big Business Dreams

I’ve Been Killing Slimes Introduces a New Witch – with Big Business Dreams

I’ve Been Killing Slimes Episode 8 introduces another highlands witch like Azusa, but she turns out to have more in common with Halkara.

You Are Reading :Ive Been Killing Slimes Introduces a New Witch with Big Business Dreams

Ive Been Killing Slimes Introduces a New Witch  with Big Business Dreams

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes’ Azusa Aizawa fancies herself the “witch of the highlands,” though fame and fortune are not her goals. She just wants to spend an eternity living the easy life, and sure enough, she spent three centuries just relaxing and hunting slimes. Now, however, Azusa is ready to embrace her true isekai calling and start helping people in need.

But what if someone else also claims Azusa’s title? In Episode 8, she overhears rumors about the benevolent witch of the highlands in the Flatta Guildhall, and is determined to find out who exactly this is. Surely I’ve Been Killing Slimes’ isekai world doesn’t have room for two famous witches.

The Imposter Witch Azusa Keeps Hearing About

Ive Been Killing Slimes Introduces a New Witch  with Big Business Dreams

Azusa is eager to see who this other witch is and find out why she seeks to replace her like that. She splits up her household into groups, and she and her dragon friend Laika visit a town with an eccentric tavern. There, the waitress urges Azusa and Laika to verbally abuse the patrons, a crowd of tough guys who secretly enjoy getting a tongue-lashing from charming women. Laika gets confused and fusses at them for real until she and Azusa get the directions they were looking for. They head north and find another town where a crowd is gathered around a petite, elderly witch. Is it the fake highlands witch?

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This witch is modest, saying her potions are not yet good enough to sell to customers. She flees when Azusa confronts her, but the powered-up protagonist uses a simple and harmless spell to trip the imposter witch outside the town. With a puff of colorful smoke, the elderly witch disappears and a new one emerges, a girl with red hair and a swift apology on her lips.

Eno The Highlands Witch States Her Dream

The imposter witch leads Azusa and Laika back to her hideout. It’s decorated exactly like a typical witch’s cottage, from jars of scary critters to a bubbling cauldron and arcane tomes on the shelves. This young lady is Eno, and she didn’t mean any harm by posing as the witch of the highlands. Rather, she is a budding entrepreneur like Halkara but isn’t sure how to get started. In fact, she contradicts herself, claiming she wants to be famous in the general public but also known only among elite circles. Laika and Azusa help Eno figure out her business plan, and Eno decides to be popular among the common folk. Her main product: mandragora pills that can relieve eye strain and stress, and even promote gut health. It’s time to take action.

Azusa helps Eno set up a stall at the local market, and once she and her friends arrive, they are amazed to find Eno dressed for the occasion — like a charming magical girl, complete with a short rod with a heart on the end. More importantly, Eno delivered the goods, and once Rosalie makes a ruckus by fussing at those tavern patrons (who showed up to the market), large crowds gather.

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Eno is selling one pill bottle after another, and at this rate, she will have to bust her tail to make enough product to keep up with demand. Once again, Azusa is simply happy to help other people realize their dreams and find joy, and she and Eno can be highland witches whom everyone loves. Turns out there is enough room for both of them in I’ve Been Killing Slimes’ cheery isekai world.

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