Hanna Season 3s Big Threat Could Copy Killing Eves Villains

Hanna: Season 3’s Big Threat Could Copy Killing Eve’s Villains

After the shocking events with Marissa and Carmichael, Season 3 of Hanna may copy Killing Eve’s villains to reveal the show’s big threat.

You Are Reading :Hanna Season 3s Big Threat Could Copy Killing Eves Villains

Hanna Season 3s Big Threat Could Copy Killing Eves Villains

As intriguing as it’s been watching Hanna’s title character (played by Esme Creed-Miles) and other assassins from the Utrax program training to be the world’s elite, one of the most alluring mysteries of the show has always been the folks behind the operation. Season 2 blew the lid off this mystery, suggesting it’s more than just a CIA project, which hints the new season could may well copy Killing Eve’s villains to reveal Hanna’s big threat.

In the second season Dermot Mulroney’s Carmichael was seen as the handler running Utrax, replacing Marissa. She was considered rogue and someone the project no longer had trust in, with Carmichael using female soldiers such as Jules and Sandy for to reshape Marissa’s vision for key missions.

Hanna Season 3s Big Threat Could Copy Killing Eves Villains

Carmichael seemed to be acting in the interest of national security, but things went off the rails when it was confirmed he needed kills to wipe up his own mistakes. He accidentally spilled the names in a list of dissidents, which had folks from all walks of life, and predictably, panicked. He then turned to the girls to help erase his sins before the intel got out.

It might be that Utrax is indeed a terrorist organization infiltrated by the Pioneers, who Carmichael answers to. The fact professors are on the list because the program doesn’t want them infecting young minds goes beyond treason, and it makes the list seem more personal than anything else. Carmichael has gone through a lot to keep it secret, after all, but this all ended as Marissa blackmailed him over the leak and took back the project.

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She suspects this is way more than the U.S. government, ergo why Hanna’s back to the Meadows with her, with the intention of shutting things down. They want the curtain dropped ASAP to reveal these bosses and their true intentions, which is eerily similar to Killing Eve’s group, the Twelve.

That show kept this sinister society in the shadows for a while, but from what we’ve seen about Hélène and Konstantin, it’s clear they’re not just about politics. They’re using assassins to control the world, with these femme fatales (which are basically older versions of the girls from Hanna’s Utrax initiative) tipping the scales so global powers gain the advantage in war, economics and more.

Eve’s investigations and Kenny’s death, not to mention’s Konstantin’s past with Carolyn, have hinted the Twelve goes beyond MI-6 and governments, which fans hope Season 4 will confirm as it’ll show there are no heroes and villains in these games. This likeminded direction now sets the high-octane Hanna up to drop its bombshells first, as Marissa knows all of them have been played. It’s left her eager to correct her mistakes and liberate the world from their enemies, who pretend to be messiahs acting in the interest of America’s security.

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