Gotham Knights Clip Shows the Meeting of Nightwing and Red Hood

Gotham Knights Clip Shows the Meeting of Nightwing and Red Hood

A brief new clip of Gotham Knights teases a reunion between Nightwing and Red Hood, two former Robins with very different approaches to criminals.

You Are Reading :Gotham Knights Clip Shows the Meeting of Nightwing and Red Hood

A new clip of Gotham Knights shows Red Hood and Nightwing meeting up in a dark, rain-soaked back alley.

The brief snippet of footage, which debuted during the most recent DC FanDome 2021 trailer at the 13-second mark, sees Nightwing standing with his back to the audience. Red Hood then rolls up to the Dick Grayson on some kind of Batcycle. While the iconic vehicle has been seen in previous gameplay trailers, this marks our first look at Jason Todd’s take on the Batcycle. While the darkness limits our visibility, it appears to be different from the character’s standard two-wheeler, sporting chunky mechanics on either side of the front wheel.

The brief glimpse at Gotham Knights suggests that fans can expect a great deal more during DC FanDome 2021. The game was revealed via a cinematic trailer in 2020, followed by an in-depth look at gameplay with Batgirl. This year, developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal may reveal a closer look at Nightwing and Red Hood, considering their appearance in the trailer.

Gotham Knights tasks players with keeping the gritty, crime-ridden city safe following the tragic death of Batman. In his stead, the various members of the Bat-Family must rise to the occasion and take back Gotham from the likes of Mister Freeze and the Court of Owls. A recent piece of promotional art for the game also teased Poison Ivy but her inclusion in the game is currently unconfirmed.

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Players will step into the shoes of Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood as each one does their part to fight for Gotham City. Every character has a unique fighting style and abilities, allowing for dynamic team-ups in the two-player co-op mode. While Robin is capable of teleporting short distances (courtesy of a Justice League satellite), Red Hood is able to dispatch foes from a distance with his twin pistols.

More information on Gotham Knights will be unveiled at DC FanDome 2021 on Oct. 16. The game is slated to launch in 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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