DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

DC: Catwoman’s 10 Best Cats & Their Names

While the vast majority of her kitty companions are anonymous, there have been plenty of individual cats who Catwoman calls her own.

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DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

After 80 years of Catwoman, where her origins, alignments, and costumes have changed tremendously, it’s comforting that some things have still remained. She has her attraction to Batman, her whip, and a kitty cat to keep her company, be they a passerby, a part of her mob of “pretties” that meow for food upon her return, or a special feline with its own name and place in her heart.

While the vast majority of her kitty companions are anonymous, there have been plenty of individual cats who Catwoman calls her own.

10 Lover

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

Selina had gone through a lot when she met her black panther that she inexplicably named “Lover”, who was the last of Catwoman’s cats before the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” changed everything. Catwoman had been mourning the death of her previous panther as well as her crumbling relationship with Batman when she decided to dedicate her time to training Lover.

In a funny twist, Batman thought that Selina’s heart had been lost to another man, but it was actually Lover the black panther.

9 Slinky

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

Slinky is a grey cat with a pink bow that helps Selina after she’s been released from jail in writer Frank Robbins and artists Irv Novick and Joe Giella’s Batman #210. Selina has opened a “slenderizing salon”, where she’ll have eight other women become her doppelgängers in order to defeat Batman.

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The women in question are about to be released from a women’s detention center so Catwoman, with the help of Slinky, writes and mails off letters to the women inviting them to her salon.

8 Kitty #2

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

In modern comic books, Selina doesn’t necessarily name her cats, as she usually has too many to address individually. After “No Man’s Land”, Selina has returned to Gotham but can’t find any stray cats. It turns out that many were eaten during the NML events so Selina adopts a grey-striped kitten and names her “Kitty” since she doesn’t plan to keep her for long.

This isn’t the first cat Selina’s named Kitty, Kitty #1 appeared in Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale’s “The Long Halloween” story.

7 Super-Cat

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

In 1966, Catwoman appeared in writer Leo Dorfman and artist Kurt Schaffenberger’s comic, Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #70, where she not only hypnotized Lois Lane into thinking that Lois is Catwoman, but she also managed to turn the Man of Steel himself into a furry feline with Circe’s magic wand.

Complete with a red cape and a little “S” insignia on the cat’s chest, Super-Cat was compelled to do whatever Catwoman commands, as long as her order was in the form of a rhyme.

6 Julio

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

In Catwoman Vol. 2 #6, written by Jo Duffy with art by Jim Balent and Dick Giordano, we’re first introduced to a well-behaved black cat named Julio. Julio is one of Selina’s many cats in her lavish apartment and he’s who she chooses to wear a broadcast collar device, which turns the cat’s meows into roars.

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Julio is trained to help Catwoman as she works with an eco-terrorist group called “Friends of the Earth Nature Magic Alliance” to stop a neurotoxin from being released.

5 Isis

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

When Catwoman made her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, she was stealing a diamond necklace, or better yet, she was having her black cat Isis steal it for her. Isis is intelligent and her special “cat vision” allows her to see the security lasers surrounding the coveted jewelry.

Named for the Egyptian goddess, Isis is much beloved by Catwoman and, after being saved by Batman from getting hit by a truck, the cat shows affection for both her mistress and the Dark Knight.

4 Otto

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

According to Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s “Batman: Year One” story arc – and just about every re-hash of this particular Catwoman origin story – Otto was one of many cats that lived with Selina Kyle and Holly Robinson.

A siamese, Otto was always bothering Selina for food and during the penultimate issue of the arc, he snuck into the building where Batman was hiding as he seemed to be drawn to The Bat. When the police were distracted by Otto’s meows, Batman was able to escape.

3 Miss Kitty

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

For many, Michelle Pfeiffer is the ultimate Catwoman so it stands to reason that her companion, Miss Kitty, would be her ultimate cat. Miss Kitty was Selina’s pet that she allowed to come and go as the cat pleased and on the night that Shreck pushed Selina to her death, Miss Kitty was among the clowder of cats to resurrect her as Catwoman.

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She was right by Catwoman’s side through much of the movie until she was picked up by Bruce Wayne at the end.

2 Diablo

DC Catwomans 10 Best Cats & Their Names

While not the first of Catwoman’s Big Cats, Diablo was a black panther that she loved dearly. Diablo was Selina’s companion when she returned to Gotham and found that Bruce Wayne was dating Vicki Vale.

Diablo’s name wasn’t revealed until Batman #355, by writer Gerry Conway and artists Don Newton and Alfredo Alcala, and later, Diablo was poisoned and went on to attack people in Crime Alley before dying in Catwoman’s arms. Selina avenged him but at the cost of one of her “nine lives.”

1 Hecate

Hecate, named for the Greek goddess of witchcraft and creatures of the night (among many others), was not only Catwoman’s first feline companion, having made her debut in Batman #35 by writer Bill Finger and artists Bob Kane and Ray Burnley, but was also the first of her cats to make it to the big screen.

A beautiful black cat with deep loyalty to her mistress, Hecate’s claws were enough to make the Penguin, the Riddler, and the Joker tremble in the 1966 Batman film.

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