Darkest Dungeon How to Blight Your Foes

Darkest Dungeon: How to Blight Your Foes

Blight can eat through the toughest of foes in Darkest Dungeon — but only if players know how to use it and can keep it from destroying them first.

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Darkest Dungeon How to Blight Your Foes

Red Hook Studio’s 2016 game Darkest Dungeon is a punishing RPG with a steep learning curve. Oftentimes, players have to systematically test things out — or consult a guide if they aren’t feeling up to killing their heroes by accident. Like other RPGs, Darkest Dungeon has status effects that can make or break a dungeon run.

One such status effect is Blight, which deals damage every turn for several turns and ignores Protection. This is great when trying to fell a huge foe, but not so much when the player’s tank gets it. The good news is, heroes have a chance to resist Blight, with the Plague Doctor and Abomination having the highest resistance to Blight. However, if players aren’t prepared, Blight will eat through their ranks.

Darkest Dungeon How to Blight Your Foes

Blight comes from several different sources, although enemies that can inflict Blight damage are mostly found in the Warrens and the Weald. Enemy attacks are where you’re most likely to get Blight status, although traps and curios throughout the map have a slight chance of inflicting Blight damage to your hero. The Farmstead from the Colors of Madness DLC also has many foes that inflict Blight damage, so you’ll have to plan carefully when storming the place.

Fortunately, once you get Blight, you don’t have to live with it. Players can wait the three to five turns for it to wear off, but since Blight damage ignores Protection to deal direct damage, you’re best off finding another way to deal with it. The afflicted hero can use Antivenom at the beginning of their turn or outside of battle to cure Blight. There’s also Wound Care, a shared camping skill that can get rid of a Blight inflicted in a room battle that you cleared before camping.

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Other camping skills can get rid of Blight as well. The Flagellant can cure Blight on himself, but the Plague Doctor can get rid of Blight on herself and other heroes with her camping skills. Other heroes can increase Blight resistances, which lessens the chance of having Blight in the first place, which is good, as Blight will trigger a Death’s Door check when their HP is zero and (more often than not) end your hero.

You’ll want to heal Blight immediately after it’s inflicted in battle if possible. Heroes like the Hellion can cure Blight on herself, while the Flagellant can transfer someone else’s Blight to himself. The Grave Robber can cure Blight on herself as well, but this is limited to one use per battle. However, a player’s best bet for dealing with Blight in the heat of battle is the Plague Doctor and her Battlefield Medicine. Not only does she cure Blight on her target, but this also heals Blight on herself.

Despite Blight being a burning pain when inflicted on heroes, it can be a boon when used on enemies. Blight is only really ineffective in the Warrens and the Weald, as those foes have high Blight resistances, but that can be knocked down by heroes like the Grave Robber, Antiquarian and Abomination, as their Blight-causing moves also come with debuffs to Blight resistances. Done enough times, even the most poisonous of foes can be felled by Blight.

As for which heroes dole out the most Blight damage, the Shieldbreaker has the most Blight-dealing moves at three, with her one move Impale hitting all four opponent slots for Blight Damage. For the most powerful Blight damage in the game, you’ll want to go with the Plague Doctor. At her strongest, she can dole out six to seven points of Blight on her opponents, taking a good chunk of their health out at the beginning of each turn.

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Since Blight stacks, it’s also a good idea to have these two team up with other Blight dealers like the Abomination and Antiquarian. The Grave Robber is a must-have on a Blight team as well, as she not only has a Blight-dealing move, but two of her moves deal extra damage to Blighted foes, which will help speed up battles.

With this in mind, a Blight team — or even one dedicated Blight-dealing teammate — can quickly turn the tide on a tough foe. Since Blight deals damage every time the afflicted opponent moves and stacks with Bleed, being able to deal such damage is desirable for any dungeon or team. When done right, Blight can rapidly eat through the opposition standing between you and your glorious victory.

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