Castlevania Simons Destiny Recreates the Original Gamein DOOM!

Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny Recreates the Original Game…in DOOM?!

Konami might not be making a new Castlevania anytime soon, but fans can now relive the first game from a whole new perspective.

You Are Reading :Castlevania Simons Destiny Recreates the Original Gamein DOOM!

Castlevania Simons Destiny Recreates the Original Gamein DOOM!

The original DOOM continues to be one of the most resilient and enduring games ever made. DOOM’s place in the annals of video game shooters is unquestionable, but another aspect of this iconic game is the absolute wealth of modifications it has received over the years. People love making DOOM into other things that are not DOOM. Now, a brand new mod has recreated the original Castlevania with a first-person perspective. Konami might be currently sitting on this legendary series, but as always, fans can count on modders to bring the classics back to life.

Originally announced and released in 2017, Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny has only recently been completed. This incredible mod, made with acute attention to detail by user Batandy, is clearly a labor of love. Throughout the Castlevania series, Konami has tried some interesting ideas, going from the traditional 2D to fully 3D, but never before has anyone made a first-person perspective Castlevania entry. However, with Simon’s Destiny, fans can take control of the mighty Simon Belmont, the Dracula battling, whip enthusiast paterfamilias of the Belmont clan in first-person action.

Simon’s Destiny has players navigating Dracula’s Castle, lighting up enemies in flames with the signature whip. All of the signature Castlevania aspects are present. Players can whip candelabras to attain sub-weapons and hearts, deal with annoying bats and jam along to the incredible soundtrack — an original creation that harkens back to the iconic Castlevania music.

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The environments instantly feel like Castlevania as well, with the appropriate mood and somber tone fans associate with Dracula’s Castle. The enemy sprites look as just as good as the environments, and all the classics are represented in perfect DOOM style and detail. Zombies, skeletons and the ever-present (and ever-annoying) Medusa heads assault the player constantly throughout the halls and surrounding areas of the castle.

Players navigate the castle through stages, which are introduced by a stylish level graphic. Environments include the castle halls, courtyard and many more surprises that Castlevania fans need to see and experience. There are even boss fights that separate the levels, the first of which is a battle against Medusa herself in serpent form, surrounded by sprites of men turned to stone, fallen heroes she bested with her laser vision attack.

The gameplay is fast and furious, owning up to its DOOM roots and Castlevania’s particular brand of platforming action. The levels even provide various platforming challenges as well for players to navigate, requiring timed jumps while the constant onslaught of enemies attacks from all angles. First-person whipping is satisfying and fun, as the player smacks the various monsters and subsequently sees them alight in anguish, the holy whip quickly vanquishing their evil.

Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny is pure Castlevania fanservice and a sublimely executed crossover, the product of a dedicated modder taking a deep love for the series and creating a brilliant mod that other fans can enjoy for free. From the enemy sprites to the sound effects to the weaponry, everything is done so well. Now, Konami just needs to give Batandy a budget and the license so they can create an official first-person Castlevania throwback that everyone can enjoy.

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