Captain America Red Skull Twists a WandaVision Stars Creation Into a Cruel Weapon

Captain America: Red Skull Twists a WandaVision Star’s Creation Into a Cruel Weapon

Captain America just discovered that an MCU WandaVision villain created a doomsday weapon that could destroy everything he stands for.

You Are Reading :Captain America Red Skull Twists a WandaVision Stars Creation Into a Cruel Weapon

Captain America Red Skull Twists a WandaVision Stars Creation Into a Cruel Weapon

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Captain America #28 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Leonard Kirk, Matt Milla & VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

The battle between Captain America and Red Skull is reaching its crescendo with the Skull trying to ruin the Avenger’s public image. Most recently, the Red Skull enacted a new plan that included a dirty bomb attack in Central Park.

In Captain America #28, Steve Rogers worked with his allies to figure out what the dirty bomb was and who created it. Misty Knight and Sharon Carter were trying to look into the suspects in the bombing, and Toni Ho couldn’t figure out the ins-and-outs of the dirty bomb. Just as Toni realized that the bomb wasn’t governed by the laws of science, Agatha Harkness, a long-time mystical advisor to Marvel’s heroes in comics, appeared and revealed that she had an unwitting hand in the bomb’s creation.

Captain America Red Skull Twists a WandaVision Stars Creation Into a Cruel Weapon

Agatha Harkness said she created an enchantment that offered a morale boost. She mentioned that the Daughters of Liberty used the enchantment to bring hope to mankind when it was faltering. However, this dirty bomb version was not a beacon of hope. Agatha said that someone changed her original creation to a harvester of hate, fear and rage,

Alexa Lukin, a member of the Red Skull’s Power Elite, was a part of the Daughters of Liberty, which is likely how this Harkness creation got into the hands of the Red Skull in the first place. From there, the Skull’s forces were able to tamper with it and create a weapon of mass destruction. Having experience with similar plots like the Madbomb of the ’70s, Captain America understood what the Red Skull hoped to accomplish with this instantly.

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As Captain America states, Red Skull is all about inspiring negative emotions in people. While the present-day Red Skull is Aleksandar Lukin, who is possessed by Johann Shmidt, he has all the tools needed to prey on people’s fears and negativity. He twisted something Agatha Harkness and the Daughters of Liberty created to inspire hope into a warped reflection of itself that instills fear and doubt. Captain America also pointed out that Red Skull using Harkness’s creation in such a way is no different from when Lukin and the Skull tried to use the Cosmic Cube to do the same thing.

Red Skull wants to bring down the public’s faith in Captain America, which is remarkably still lingering after Secret Empire tarnished his shield by making Steve the face of a nationwide Hydra takeover. However, the good news is that Agatha Harkness said there wouldn’t be many attacks like the one in Central Park. The components needed to create a device like this are expensive and rare, which means this is only one aspect of a much larger plan.

Although Agatha’s interaction with the heroes is limited to a few pages here, it’s a stark reminder of the heroic, sage figure she has traditionally been in Marvel Comics, even if she played a far more antagonistic role in WandaVision.

At the end of the day, this is another attempt by Red Skull to take a powerful device and try to use it in pursuit of his twisted goals. While Agatha Harkness had pure intentions with her creation, this proves that Red Skull’s plans to take down Captain America for good are as ambitious as ever.

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