10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To Binge-Watch This Halloween

While far from a horror anime, Naruto does have its share of spooky episodes that are perfect for Halloween.

You Are Reading :10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

Set in a world where ninjas are enforcers of the law, the military, and in charge of day to day politics, Naruto isn’t exactly known for being particularly spooky compared to other more supernatural centered anime series.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some scary episodes across Naruto and its sequel, Shippuden. Many of the main characters inspire spooky moments that would fit right in with a horror setting, particularly when it comes to certain tragic young Jinchuriki. These Naruto episodes are perfect for a shinobi-themed Halloween.

10 Naruto’s Ninja Handbook

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

The climactic fight between Gaara and Naruto plays out like a big-budget kaiju monster movie but separates itself from being a solely action-centric episode by having Gaara allow himself to be taken over by the insane Shukaku.

This sudden change in character is jarring. It also shows how Gaara himself could end up as damaged a child as he is, with the tailed-beast having no regard for the life of even the Jinchuriku that holds him.

9 The Mysterious Curse of the Haunted Castle

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

This filler episode from the fifth season has Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba investigate the disappearance of Kayo of the Land of Honey, who was last seen around a rather scary-looking castle.

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What could have been a simple haunted house episode quickly turns into a very Naruto plot involving a large summoned chameleon that disguises itself as a house to carry out the orders of its long-dead summoner for the last 50 years. Filler episodes in Naruto are often a little whacky, but this one is up there as one of the weirdest.

8 The Assassin of the Mist!

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

In their first mission as graduated ninjas, Kakashi and Team 7 are given bodyguard duty for a bridge builder. This quickly turns into a much harder mission than expected when they are attacked by ninja from the Hidden Mist Village. The ensuing fight between Zabuza, the leader, and Kakashi is one of the better early fights in the anime, but the atmosphere makes the whole ordeal rather spooky.

Zabuza shrouds the area in a thick mist, obscuring everyone’s vision and hiding his movements, a trick he would use once again later in the series though with less success. Zabuza is also a terrifying individual, scaring the pants off of the children even before his past is revealed to the audience.

7 Sasori’s Real Face

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

Some members of the Akatsuki are pretty creepy, but none of them hold a candle to Sasori. Just when fans thought this puppet master couldn’t get any creepier, he discards his outer shell to reveal his “true” body, a puppet itself that looks like his teenage self.

This is also where it is revealed that Sasori killed the Third Kazekage over a decade ago, turning his body into a puppet that retained all of his powers and abilities. This also leads to Sasori’s history of recreating his dead parents as puppets as a child.

6 A Mistake from the Past: A Face Revealed!

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

In the climactic battle against Orochimaru, which is creepy enough when he shows his ability to change faces at will, the Third Hokage decides to bring out the big guns. Hiruzen Sarutobi fires up the same Jutsu the Forth Hokage used against the Nine-Tailed Fox: the Reaper Death Seal.

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This particular Jutsu involves summoning a shinigami to do his bidding, which, in this case, is yanking Orochimaru’s soul out of his body. While he was eventually unsuccessful, only being able to take away the use of Orochimaru’s arms, it was a huge blow for the former Leaf Village ninja.

5 Eye to Eye: Sharingan vs. Sharingan!

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

Almost immediately after the death of the Third Hokage, Itachi returns to the Hidden Leaf Village to search for Naruto, as he and the other members of the Akatsuki are after the tailed-beasts. During Itachi and Kakashi’s battle, the former uses Tsukuyomi on the latter to trap him in a genjutsu that speeds up his perception of time.

In this state, Kakashi is strapped to a crucifix and tortured for what feels like three days straight, though the actual event is over in a matter of seconds. Kakashi tries to tough it out once he is released, but he has been clearly impacted by this illusion, though the audience is never shown exactly what happened.

4 The Serpent’s Pupil

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

It’s time for Orochimaru to switch bodies, as his current vessel is falling apart and will shortly kill him if he doesn’t. Sick and weak in bed, he is attacked by Sasuke, who has decided to rescind his offer of being a vessel, so Orochimaru shows his true form to try and defend himself from the young rogue ninja.

Orochimaru’s powers almost always involve either snakes or the dead, so it’s not surprising to see him have yet another snake power. What is particularly creepy about this one is that it reveals what has actually been under Orochimaru’s skin this whole time, as he sheds his human vessel and turns into a massive snake, which is also made up of smaller snakes.

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3 Eye of the Hawk

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

Thinking he has won the battle that started in “The Serpent’s Pupil,” Orochimaru begins the process of trying to take over Sasuke’s body, but it shocked when Sasuke effortlessly turns the Jutsu around on its user, absorbing the powers of Orochimaru into himself instead.

While the physical process isn’t particularly eventful, what goes on inside Orochimaru and Sasuke’s head while they fight for control is like something out of a nightmare.

2 Planetary Devastation

10 Spooky Naruto Episodes To BingeWatch This Halloween

After learning to use senjutsu and proving just how strong he can be, Naruto flies into a rage when Hinata supposedly dies in front of him, releasing the Nine-Tailed Fox in all its fury. As this fight progresses, more and more of the beast shows itself, until Pain tries to trap Naruto inside the Planetary Devastation Jutsu.

This works for all of a few seconds, as Naruto bursts through the crust of the giant, floating rock in his eight-tailed form, screaming in pain and looking like a skinned version of Kuruma in one of the most chilling scenes in the series.

1 Akamaru Trembles: Gaara’s Cruel Strength

In the first season, Gaara is the source of many scary moments during the Chunin Exams, but none are as impactful as his merciless slaughter of a team of ninja right in front of Team 8, who were hiding from the Sand ninja as they passed by.

What makes this scene particularly gruesome is that the ninjas surrendered willingly, but Gaara killed them for simply getting in his way. Kankuro and Temari are unable to do anything but watch as Gaara crushes the newbie ninjas inside a coffin of sand.

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