10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is a classic American medical drama, & these 10 anime are perfect for any fans of the show & genre.

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10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

Anime is an incredible form of entertainment that’s been able to turn into a universal interest and is no longer some fringe brand of animation. Anime doesn’t just feature impressive visuals and addictive storytelling, but another reason that it’s able to resonate so much is that it caters towards so many eclectic genres.

There are genres of anime that aren’t explored in other places, and while medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy are popular in American live-action programming, there’s also a compelling area for it in anime. There are some notable anime doctors and series that dig into medical situations, many of which go overlooked by a lot of people.

10 Black Jack Is Anime’s Very Best Doctor

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

When it comes to medical anime, it’s hard to top Black Jack. The anime follows a prolific doctor who uses his legendary skills whenever they’re needed. The character Black Jack is immediately engaging, and the anime crafts genuinely interesting mysteries around the doctor’s cases. Young Black Jack also follows the character’s start as a doctor in the late 1960s when surgery faces major advancements, which is for the betterment of patients but also for certain doctors to abuse. All of the various Black Jack series, movies, and expansions offer smart dissections of the medical genre.

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9 Comical Psychosomatic Medicine Proves That Laughter Is The Best Medicine

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

There are plenty of anime that strive to educate the audience and actually impart useful knowledge and Comical Psychosomatic Medicine is one of the more exciting and absurdist examples. The anime delivers bite-sized content that’s easily digestible but is able to still cram in a ton of jokes. Two psychologists, a straight man and a wild card, break down conditions like depression, erectile dysfunction, and dementia. For an anime that doesn’t take itself very seriously, it does a surprisingly good job with how effective it is.

8 An Honorable Doctor’s Worst Nightmare Comes To Life In Monster

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

Monster is a phenomenal anime series that begins from the simple place of a doctor trying to honor his creed, but it avalanches to a disturbing place that’s ripe with revenge, psychological horror, and dangerous serial killers.

Dr. Kenzo Tenma triggers a deadly sequence of events when he chooses to operate on a young boy, rather than a prestigious mayor, because the boy arrives first. Tenma is disgraced for his honorable decision, which triggers horrific consequences that test Tenma more than ever before. It’s gripping to watch this surgeon get dragged down.

7 Cells At Work! Turns The Human Body Into A Thriving Anime Environment

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

Cells at Work! is a more recent anime series that does an exceptional job breaking down certain ailments that plague the human body, whether it’s the common cold, athlete’s foot, or a heart attack, with an endearing anime aesthetic. Every unit that composes the human body is anthropomorphized, with a red and white blood cell being the central characters. Each episode focuses on a new problem that the body works together to extinguish. It’s a fun and clever series that’s caught on so much that it’s even spawned several spin-offs, including the darker, Cells at Work!: Code Black.

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6 Monster Girl Doctor Explores The Versatility Of Fantasy Surgeons

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

Anime’s fantasy genre has only become more popular and isekai stories where fantasy mixes with the ordinary are now a regular fixture in every anime season. Monster Girl Doctor is a fun spin on the standard fantasy tropes with how it focuses on the wide list of patients that a doctor would encounter in such an environment. Glenn is a passionate doctor who loves his craft and it’s entertaining to see the precision of surgery juxtaposed with the exaggerated nature of fantasy. Monster Girl Doctor is the only anime series where dragons and mermaids get to go under the knife.

5 Welcome To Irabu’s Office Is Medicine At Its Most Surreal

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

Welcome to Irabu’s Office is a highly chaotic look into medicine that shouldn’t be followed by anyone that seriously wants to go into the field. Ichirou Irabu is an eccentric psychiatrist that frequently transforms into a green bear or child as he sees fit.

His staff is made up of even wilder personalities, and their solution is to always administer a vaccination, regardless of the patient’s problem. There is constant chaos in Welcome to Irabu’s Office, and the anime is meant to celebrate it rather than necessarily cure its patients.

4 Himeyuri Doesn’t Shy Away From The Harsh Conditions Of World War II

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

Himeyuri is a one-off 30-minute movie, but it’s so emotional and beautiful that it’s worthy of attention. Many of the medical anime here are interested in the mystery and symptoms that surround the field, but Himeyuri instead focuses on the belabored individuals that tirelessly do the work, which in this case is the young Himeyuri nurses that served in World War II’s Battle of Okinawa. These nurses were high school students, and Himeyuri highlights the selfless sacrifices that these individuals made and how they became heroes in nursing and medicine.

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3 Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor Is A Chilling Journey Into The Mind

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

A lot of the time OVA series and specials can tell a story that’s more impactful than a full series due to its concise nature. Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor is such an example and it’s a powerful example of a psychological drama where a doctor becomes obsessed with his patient’s unusual ailment. It turns into quite the twisted story as the doctor’s own sanity becomes under scrutiny just as much as the health of his patient. It’s a very different kind of story that gets a lot of the tension in figuring out a diagnosis.

2 The Esteemed Doctor In Ray The Animation Was Built Through Experiments & Sadness

10 Medical Anime To Watch If You Love Greys Anatomy

Ray the Animation is a fascinating series that examines both trauma and the capacity in others to help defenseless individuals. Ray is a legendary doctor that devotes her time to rare and incurable diseases and medical problems that no one else will tackle. Ray is especially skilled since she’s essentially a human x-ray, a fate that’s a result of her tragic past where she and other children were experimented upon and turned into novelties. Ray the Animation gets into heavy material, but it still expresses a fascination with the mysteries of medicine and the human body.

1 Snow White With The Red Hair Finds The Romance In Medicine

Snow White with the Red Hair is a curious mix of genres that isn’t perfect, but has a lot of fun with how it tries to deconstruct archetypes and gender roles. Shirayuki dreams of being a renowned pharmacist, but her red hair and attractive appearance always lead to her being marginalized. Shirayuki flees her home to avoid a life of captivity and after she meets a friendly prince, she’s able to achieve her pharmacy dreams, albeit at a cost. Shirayuki’s relationship with the prince threatens to derail her love for medicine, but a tender bond forms along the way.

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